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Update on Katherine / Praise & Prayer Time Sunday

Sunday, August 10th, 2008

A message from Anna and Andy Stover:

Hi friends.

As many of you may already know, much has transpired in the last couple of days, and it looks like Katherine will be transferred to the Casa Colina rehab facility in Pomona on Tuesday, for a possible 2 month stay and then things will be evaluated from there. I’ll let Jay share all the details at some point soon via email, and I’m sure the website will have more details to come…but it’s really been clearly laid out to them these last three days that this is the next step for Katherine and they are all so grateful for the Lord’s guidance in this. It’s a huge relief. Obviously the Wolfs are sad leave everyone here in west LA, but it’s the next logical step in Katherine’s recovery process.

So….the wolfs are moving. Tuesday.

As you can imagine, it would be difficult for Katherine & Jay to see everyone individually by Tuesday….so as this UCLA Westwood chapter closes, lets take the opportunity to join together and praise the Lord for what He has done in this place, to pray for their next step in Pomona, and to help send them off with gratefulness for who they are and what God has done in and through them.

Jay and Katherine hope to join us outside to say farewell (for a time!)

Please join us this SUNDAY at 2pm (after church and lunch!) in the UCLA Westwood Hospital Courtyard – outside the main entrance.

Parking will be tricky as the lot is closed on Sundays now – so plan to park on the street – bring quarters – and carpool if you can.

We’ll have a time of prayer and praise and will sing a few of Katherine and Jay’s favorite BAPC worship songs together.

Feel free to pass this along…I am only sending this to a few (mainly from their small groups) who I know will send it on …

Do keep in mind that everyone wont be able to speak to K&J personally as there will certainly be quite a crowd, but they will be blessed to see you there…whether close up or far away.

This is a wonderful next chapter. I don’t want to steal Jay’s details about the visit to the Pomona facility…but I will tell you that there is a banner hanging near the entrance that says: “Where Miracles Continue.”

Sounds like the perfect place for dear Katherine right?
God is good!

FBC Update – Saturday Night

Saturday, May 17th, 2008

Jason reported that there will be no surgery for the shunt today. Doctors will continue to challenge her natural drainage and decide if she will need the surgery later this coming week.

Facebook Update – Prayer Pager

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

Katherine has a “prayer pager”! Call (310) 204-9059 and enter in your zip code (and only your zip code), followed by the “#” key. Your zip code will then appear on Katherine’s pager, letting Jay and the family know that you’re praying for her and them!!! Spread the word

Facebook Update – Friday Morning

Friday, May 2nd, 2008

From Ryan D.

7:30am PST – Brooks has been up to see Katherine twice today and seems in really great spirits! He said she’s been responding a bit more to questions with squeezes of the hand. The nurses turned the TV on, which means they think Katherine’s ready for that kind of stimulus. Nurse didn’t see any increase in the fever. Her cranial pressure is good – down to about 5, where a week ago it was at 16. And he said that Katherine perks up when he mentions anything about James or Anna. A nurse named Julie who’s been in the ICU for twenty years really thinks Katherine is ahead of the curve for the given circumstances. Brooks said, “I guess the best thing to say is, We’re in good shape for the shape we’re in!”

Facebook Update – Thursday Evening

Thursday, May 1st, 2008

By Sydney Forest Taylor
(I am still figuring out what is appropriate to share beyond the ‘family updates’…but Kim asked me to document what happened as best I can-so here goes….)

JT and I were able to go see Katherine today and she was definetly more responsive than she was two days ago. When we entered she was with Kim (Katherine’s mom) and the security guard, Virgil Jones (who was with our large group in the lobby during Katherine’s 13.5 hour surgery…he became part of the ‘family’ and bonded to all of us….he is a ‘part time security guard’ and full time minister at a gospel preaching church)….Kim said that she felt the Holy Spirit in the room as they prayed….we joined them toward the end and were interupted by some beeping equipment…

prayers were still going and JT said to Katherine…’Hey Katherine, JT’s here” and her eyes popped right open, steady and strong….she looked at Virgil and started really responding…responding to the prayers or responding to our arrival…i don’t really know? we kept the prayers coming and praises as she made deliberate hand motions….thumbs up, smiled when asked, nods and no’s, and squeezed both hands open and shut, and put her hand up to her ear….she really seemed like she was trying to tell us someething…was she in pain? what was it? Her and Kim were doing shoulder excercises…scrunching them up and down. It was as if she was saying…I wanna do these excercises so I can get out of this bed!

Kim was thrilled with the way she was responding and so were we! We sang…. “Praise God from whom all blessings flow…” , I sang the Amy Grant song “I’m Gonna Fly” …which is becoming an ongoing thing between us 🙂 We left so encouraged and we even left the hospital when we got a call from Kim…she said that ever since we left she has really been trying to communicate something…she was repeating the same hand motion over and over….maybe it was sign language? we didn’t think she knew any sign language…but i knew a little bit of sign language….and thought maybe i could help decode…so we turned the car around and went back to the hospital and went into the room (where a Nigerian hospital chaplain was visiting…his name was Isaiah – and many of us have been independently drawn to passages from the book of Isaiah today…so cool…JT thought of Isaiah 40:29 when meeting him and read it…Kim had read something from Isaiah 40 earlier and felt the spirit connecting the dots).

Anyway, Jay and Kim showed me what she was doing her hands. I asked Kat if she knew sign language alphabet and she said ‘no’…and asked her if she was trying to tell us something and it seemed like a ‘yes’….so it looked to me like a version of the ‘ i love you’ sign …..and I showed Kim what that was…and she asked Katherine if she was trying to say ‘i love you’ and she said ‘yes’…..Kim was crying and so happy…saying ‘I love you too baby’ and Katherine had a tear in her eye. It was so cool! It is hard to know exactly what she is seeing or how she is feeling…but she is reacting and responding today and I got a feeling that she is trying so hard to communicate and I can only imagine that she is so uncomfortable and is trying to express all sorts of things that we aren’t fullly able to figure out. We think she flashed us a ‘peace’ sign at the end too…

All I can say is that our amazing Katherine is working so hard to put her ‘thumbs up’ when we prayed with her….she is giving it her all…I pray that the Holy Spirit will speak to her directly and whisper in her ear and comfort her in a way that none of us can.

Facebook Update – Wednesday Afternoon

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

Wednesday afternoon update from Lauren (from Jay):

Overall, today has been a good day for Katherine.

Biggest prayer concern right now: It’s common with this type of injury for a patient to have vasospasms for the first couple of weeks. Katherine is no exception. These vasospasms are a concern because they affect Katherine’s responsiveness and her brain’s healing. The good news is she is responding well to the medicine, so praise God for that. Please pray that the vasospasms will cease.

Katherine had an eco-cardiogram this morning which revealed that her heart is doing well; however, in order to prevent strain on her heart the doctors are trying to ween her off the blood pressure medicine that they’ve been giving her to keep her blood pressure up (her blood pressure is naturally low because she’s young and healthy – one of those medical Catch-22s) Please pray that they will be able to stabilize her blood pressure at a good level and that her heart will stay strong.

Please continue to pray that the new antibiotics the doctors are giving Katherine for the pneumonia will be effective.

Finally, continue to pray that Katherine’s gag/cough reflexes will be restored sooner rather than later.

Facebook Update – How you can Help

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

From Lauren:

Many of you have emailed me asking what you can do to help Katherine and Jay during this difficult time. Jay has mentioned to me that it would mean a lot to him if I could start compiling a written history of what’s happened since last Monday. He wants a record not only of what’s happened to Katherine, but what’s happened (and what God is doing / has done) in the surgical waiting room, in the hospital, in our own lives. So here’s how you can contribute to “The Story of Katherine”: Please send me some brief blurbs about things that you’ve heard / experienced since all of this began. If you want to do it in an attachment or in the body of an email — either way is fine. Any type of prose or writing is fine. It can be random thoughts or whatever…bits from emails you’ve sent others people, etc. But let’s do it sooner, rather than later. Send it piecemeal as you remember things. The only thing I ask is that you preface the writing with a date and time so we know when it happened (and also, that you not address it to anyone…i.e., it shouldn’t look like an email to me) Again, you can send anything – not just stuff directly related to Katherine…any waiting room stories about other people you’ve talked to, etc.

Send everything to this email address: And please include at the end your name and, if you think appropriate, how you know Katherine.

Facebook Update – Sunday Morning

Sunday, April 27th, 2008

From Lauren at Hospital Sunday Morning:

I’m with Jay and there are a few prayer requests that he would like you guys to mention specifically (I won’t be at YM ’cause I am going to stay here at the hospital). These prayer requests are:

(1) They are taking her ventalator out today and giving her a tracheotomy (tube that goes directly into her throat to help her breathe). The big prayer is that she will be able to swallow once they take the vent out, because so far, there has been no gag reflex or coughing (which there should have been at this point). Trouble swallowing is something they thought could happen, so we want to really lift this specific thing up in prayer, that there will be no problems with the throat, swallowing, talking, chocking etc. This is the big issue right now — we want her to be able to gag and cough with no problem (otherwise she could choke).

(2) They’ve managed to get her fever down by using this cutting age new treatment…the problem is, the treatment involves putting ice water in her veins. So, obviously, she’s really really cold right now, and Jay says he is praying the the Holy Spirit will come along side her through this and warm her. And obviously we want to pray that the fever stays down!!

Facebook Update – Saturday @ 9:40AM

Saturday, April 26th, 2008

Saturday Morning 7:40am from Thomas –

More good news – yesterday Katherine continued to respond. In addition to moving her arms and legs on command, she raised the corner of her mouth when asked to smile and moved a lot when family members recited Romans 8, which she has memorized previously. At one point, they forgot some of the wording, and when Katherine’s mom said “I know you’re reciting this with us,” Katherine squeezed her hand. Her MRI yesterday afternoon revealed less swelling than the doctors expected – the only swelling was where the surgery had been performed, and even that was less than the doctors had anticipated. When Katherine was asked last night if she wanted Jay to stay in the room with her, she squeezed his hand – so he spent the night up in ICU. We’re still scheduling to make sure people are in the waiting room 24/7.

Facebook Update @ 10:00PM

Friday, April 25th, 2008

Thursday was very bleak. Katherine was much less responsive with additional issues occurring. By 6pm Thursday evening, a blood clot had formed. But, when the monitor was removed, “it was like a light switch had been turned on! And responsiveness returned.”

Again, the prayers of God’s people have been like “jet fuel” to lift her up as well as lifting up the families!

Friday has been a day of tremendous progress and maintaining progress. “We have been warned that this is a rollercoaster and a marathon.” Let’s keep in mind Hebrews 12:1-2 — to run with endurance and keep our eyes fixed on Jesus. Let’s maintain Mark 5:41 for Jesus to raise her up. Let’s pray that this will continue to raise up our faith and new believers!