A New Website

I have deeply loved having this website. From its creation, as I lay in an ICU bed fighting for my life, many of you have been with me. You have become a family to me. I have been eternally moved by your prayers and support.

It is extremely meaningful to me to think about how having my stroke in this point in history has meant that you could follow my progress and my story from your own computer.

This website was created to be a place for compiling all of the various information on the internet after the day of my stroke. (It was created by Charlie Saliba, a sweet guy back in Alabama, who I didn’t even know!) After about 9 months of him gathering info from other places (facebook groups, my mom’s original blog, church newsletters, etc.), I began writing my own updates on my CaringBridge site, and it became a way to not only share new information with others, but also a cathartic means of coping with my new reality.

Charlie, you are a wonderful person! You have so blessed me in my time of greatest need by allowing others to instantly journey with me and pray for me every step of the way. You will only know the impact this site has truly had when you get to Heaven. I can only tell you that I have personally received countless emails from strangers around the world who have been touched by this site, and it would not have been here were it not for you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Because July 4th is our nation’s day to celebrate its independence, I am following suit! I will begin sharing my life, prayer requests, medical updates, and much more on a new site this Monday. In an effort to feel like less of a science project, I want to tell my brain that I have healed enough (and am continuing to heal enough) to merit a website that is NOT solely dedicated to medical updates. What an amazing answer to all of your prayers to be at a place in my life where I have more to share than just my recovery. Don’t worry though, I’ve still got plenty of prayers and medical updates to share with you. I hope you will continue to join me on this journey. I can’t wait see where it all goes next.

Look HERE for all the details on Monday (7/4/11) in between cookouts and fireworks!

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