FBC Update @ 8:00AM CST

Katherine Wolf suffered from a rupture/bleed in her brain (Arterio-venous Malformation or AVM). Surgery is currently being done by Dr. Gonzalez.

Jay said that “words cannot express how much we treasure the body of Christ. We have sensed God’s peace, presence, and provision. We are standing on His promise, holding onto Romans 8:28-39–that God is in control. He is for us. His love is unbreakable. We will see a wonderful conclusion to this catastrophic situation. But please continue to urge people to pray and express our appreciation.”

Jay describes the scene in the hospital as Jason’s church family and SS family surrounding him. He was encouraged. Jason says there are pizzas and
diaper bags everywhere!

Jay is currently on a flight to California. Katherine’s mother arrived in California this morning.

Continue to pray for a complete healing and have confidence that God is going to shine through!

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