Facebook Update @ 7:59PM CST

There has been a bit of good news. The doctors did an arterial angiogram (a type of dye test) a few hours ago that showed that the AVM has been entirely removed and that there is no further bleeding — in other words, the surgery was a complete success as far as that goes. We still do not know (and still won’t know for a few days) whether and to the extent Katherine has suffered any permanent damage. The risks that she has are still very high. Obviously, it is still a very long road ahead and we need everyone to absolutely start a bonfire of prayer. But at the hospital, we all feel the Lord at work and are encouraged by this news.

Right now, Jay and the Arnolds have everything they need, so there is no need to bring anything to the hospital. I’ll be in touch in the next few days with plans for meal delivery for the family, but for now, I think Jay would appreciate just your prayers more than anything – no need to send/bring anything to the hospital at this point.

One Response to “Facebook Update @ 7:59PM CST”

  1. To the Arnolds and Wolfs from a church friend of mine.

    Dearest Judy,

    What a beautiful family, We are in prayer and know that she is in God’s hand.

    My sister had a brain tumor, and they didn’t give us much hope but she is a live and has been doing God’s works. I feel in my heart this is Katherine’s mission too.

    We will keep all the family in our prayers.

    Blessing and prayers,

    Joy Morrison