FBC Update @ 11:30AM CST

April 23rd, 2008

Jay has reported that Katherine has opened her eyes! PRAISE THE LORD! Jay described the situation stating “that it is like God is enabling Katherine to claw her way out of a deep, dark hole.” God is doing miraculous things, please keep praying Mark 5:41.

Facebook Update @ 12:33PM CST (by Ryan)

April 23rd, 2008

Hey guys – Syd asked me to confirm the post: I was in the lobby this morning with Lauren, Jon, Lars and Liz – at about 8:45am Jay, his Dad, Andy and Jonny came down from the ICU and said that Katherine had “blinked her eyes open” in response to them telling her that Jonny was in from Canada. Much like last night’s news of Katherine raising her arms and wiggling her toes, this kind of physical and mental recognition, is MIRACULOUS news! We’re seeing specific, tangible answers to prayer. These steps are magnificent, affirming strides in the right direction. Many of them less than 24 hours after the surgery!!

Syd also asked me to just let people know the general tenor of the room since we can’t all be there: it’s pretty low key because now everyone is waiting. Family members are staying at hotels nearby and coming and going. There is always a scheduled small group point-person in the lobby with internet access so in the event that anything new happens, everyone will be notified right away.

Lauren Miller is currently setting up ways for everyone to help with meals for the family, diapers, formula etc. But PLEASE WAIT to buy anything or take any of that initiative until we have a system set up. The response of the Community of Christ is absolutely overwhelming – your care and desire to do whatever necessary is truly incredible. Once we have things organized, we’ll be able to channel that in ways that will be most helpful to Katherine, Jay, James and Fam.

Please Help!

April 23rd, 2008

We are trying to raise money to help offset the huge medical bills that the Wolf family will have in the coming days and weeks. To help, click the Donate button on the right side of www.katherinewolf.info. Any amount will help greatly!

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Thanks in Advance!

Video Update by Mary Austin Wolf

April 23rd, 2008

A video update had been posted on E-zekiel.TV by Mary Austin Wolf. It was filmed about 3:30pm CST this afternoon. The update basically covers the wiggling of the fingers and toes and Katherine’s response to her cousin Johnny (from Canada) by opening her eyes and looking at him.

Mary Austin still says that Katherine remains in a medically induced coma.

Note: Apparently this video has been taken off the E-zekiel.tv Site for unknown reasons… Stay Tuned for more updates as they come in!

FBC Update @ 5:30PM

April 23rd, 2008

Katherine continues to open her eyes when different people come in the room and speak to her. They are going to allow her to come out of the medically-induced coma. Prayer needs at this moment…1. She is running a little bit of fever. Please pray that this unknown infection will clear up. 2. After brain surgery there is a potential for swelling in the brain. Pray that she will have no swelling in the next three to four days, which is the critical period after surgery. 3. Eighty percent of patients that have this type of surgery experience pneumonia. Please pray that Katherine will not experience this. Thank you for continuing to lift up Katherine and this precious family. God is definitely at work, so please keep praying diligently for a complete healing.

New Video Update from Wolf Family

April 23rd, 2008

A new video update was released tonight from the Wolf Family, specifically Mary Austin. In the video she summarized the following points:

1) Katherine, at the request of the nurse, wiggled her fingers & toes for Jason and Jay.
2) As of this morning, the doctors were phasing out the medically-induced coma
3) Mary Austin asked everyone to continue to pray for no further complications, including swelling of the brain
4) Also to pray for both the Wolf and Arnold families
5) She also said that the rest of the Wolf family would be flying to Los Angeles tomorrow to be with everyone. Sarah did make it back to Montgomery this afternoon from Ethiopia.
6) Katherine is still hooked up on a ventilator

Check out the video below:

FBC Update @ 10:00AM

April 24th, 2008
God continues to work and good reports continue to come!  Last night, family members spoke to Dr. Gonzales. He says that he is “profoundly amazed” by Katherine’s progress. It is obvious that God is at work in a mighty way. We must keep our eyes FIXED ON JESUS and keep praying for Katherine! Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Please continue to pray that the fever will go away, that her brain will not swell, and that pneumonia will not be a factor.

Many of you have asked for more specific information regarding the brain condition that caused Katherine’s illness. She suffered a brain hemorrhage due to an underlying Arterio-Venous Malformation (AVM). This is a condition where a person is born with an abnormal collection of blood vessels within the brain. As a person ages, these vessels can expand or grow larger. Due to the abnormal nature of these vessels, they are extremely thin walled and often will break; causing a hemorrhage into the brain substance. The results are like a stroke in that the blood clot damages the brain surrounding it. However, unlike a stroke, the blood clot takes up space and causes abnormal pressure within the brain. Often the clot has to be removed in order to lessen damage to the surrounding brain. In this particular case, surgery was performed both to remove the clot and to remove the AVM to prevent further hemorrhage. While 12-13 hours for surgery may seem like a long time, it doesn’t necessarily correlate with the overall outcome. This is a slow, tedious process; identifying the abnormal vessels while sparing the normal ones.

Facebook Update @ 3:30PM

April 24th, 2008

From Katherine’s Mom:

Katherine is much less responsive than yesterday. There has been an increase in brain pressure which is a concern. The swelling could be responsible for further damage to her brain. As a result, the settings on her ventilator have been elevated in order to bring down the pressure in her brain. Sodium levels are also being controlled to reduce the swelling. A CT Scan was just taken which shows that although there is swelling in Kat’s brain, there is no bleeding, which is positive news.

Kat’s mom specifically asks that a call go out to “pray in the spirit at all times” for Katherine. Starting NOW, let’s all pray diligently for the next 24 hours, without ceasing. Let’s just cover our dear friend with prayer.

FBC Update @ 3:30PM

April 24th, 2008

Hebrews 12:1-2 has never been more evident. We can’t adequately express how it is felt. Thank you for standing with us in faith.

The world-class doctors predicted pressure and swelling and they are both there. Therefore, response is down. Yesterday, we were ahead of where we were supposed to be. And Dr. Gonzalez was “profoundly amazed” by her progress. It has far exceeded his expectation and explanation.

This is a world-class facility. We have extreme confidence in their care; but, we have more confidence in God.

We praise God for what He has done. We believe Mark 5:41 — that God is raising Katherine up. He’s raising up our faith and increasing our dependence on Him. We rejoice.

Matthew 7:24: “Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.” We stand on God’s rock-solid truth and presence. Stand with us in faith that God will raise her up. Pray for swelling and pressure to decrease as she climbs her way from this hurtful and ugly ditch. God is at work!

Facebook Update @ 9:15PM

April 24th, 2008

From Jay’s dad, at the hospital.

Brothers and Sisters,

Thank you for your prayers. We just received word that Katherine is once again moving both hands, and also that her eyes are open and gazing! Good news. No new updates from another CT scan. At the hospital things are calm; there are people here praying, and it’s been good to ask God both for the miracle of her getting up and strength and joy in whatever journey He decides best.

God bless each of you. Hebriews 12:1-2 – may all of us, including Katherine, keep our eyes fixed upon Jesus.